Sports Corner – December 6

I often post discussion ideas about NYC teams.  Mainly because I am from NYC and that’s what I know about.  As much as part of me wants to insist it’s 1951 and the sports world revolves around my city, I know better.  But this week, there are two interesting stories from the area that I want to focus on.

One is the firing of Giants coach Bob McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese. It’s highly unusual for the rather staid Giants to fire anyone during the season, or fire anyone at all.  They literally have never fired anyone with the title of general manager since naming George Young to the job in the late 70s. So it’s a big deal.  But I am not entirely sure I see the point of firing the coach this late in the season except to show the fans and the media that you are shaking things up.  The broader problen at the moment might be that after nearly 40 years of strong leadership from the owners, things are falling apart and co-owners Steve Tisch and John Mara are flailing.  I have to hope that the search for a new GM and coach goes better than what we have seen of late.

Across the river, Brian Cashman has hired ex-Yankee and current color man Aaron “F’ing” Boone to be his manager. If anyone else had made the choice to hire someone with zero coaching experience, he would be pilloried.  But Cashman has enough accrued credit that people are generally supportive.  I think it’s a weird move – and I would have picked Hensley Muelens – but one that reflects Cashman’s view of things.  The manager’s job in the Bronx is more Speaker to the Press and Young Player Whisperer than strategist, with Cashman most likely giving a ton of guidance. Yes, Boone will be the one who manages the bullpen and the bench and the slumps, but I really think that the Cashman model makes the manager just another cog. As for Boone, I reserve judgement till June.

Other topics:

  • Dirty hits galore in the NFL!
  • Bowl season is coming! (Beasterly’s latest round-up is here)
  • Russian team banned from Olympic Winter Games, clean Russian athletes can go and march under a neutral flag
  • Cleveland resurgent: LBJ leads the Cavs and Josh Gordon returns to the Browns
  • Ohtani picks seven finalists – San Diego here I come?

As ever, any and all sports topics are welcome.