Comic Book Chat – Your First Comic Book

My name is Mister Splendiferous , you can call me Stevie – Im 35 years old and I am an avid comic book reader.

I warned everyone here that I’d be contributing comic book posts –  so here is my first one.

This thread is about your first comic book. 


Action Comics #578 (April 1986) was the first comic book I remember ever having in my life. I was 4 years old and I got it from the local pharmacy off the spinner rack.  My family most likely picked it out for me and I’m grateful they did.

I still have this comic book (at home where I grew up in a box of other comic books and toys) and I can tell you its in poor condition – but it had a great impact in my life.

My life long admiration for Superman and super heroes and comic books in general came from this one comic book.

I miss the days of going to the mall and looking at the spinner rack of comic books at Waldenbooks, picking out the one I wanted most, and giving the salesperson $1.06. for the book.

These are great memories to have.

Do you remember your first comic book? If so, what was it? Do you still have it? 

Thanks for checking out my thread and keep an eye for my next one soon.