The Avocado

Pod People 12.4.2017

More Perfect: Sex Appeal – If you’re like me, this entire episode will infuriate you, as it’s about the ERA and why it repeatedly did not get passed. Let’s all hope that Phyllis Schlafly is burning in Hell even as we listen to this episode. And thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for RBG.

Still Buffering: How to Safe Dating – It amazes and saddens me that health/sex/relationship education for teens does not regularly include more detailed information on abuse and intimate partner violence, especially as teens become more and more vulnerable. So I always appreciate people discussing this. Trigger warning for the entire episode for a discussion of abuse.

Death, Sex, and Money: Gabrielle Union is Fed Up – I’m sorry for all the triggering content this week. This episode is EXTREMELY triggering because Union very frankly discusses rape, trauma, recovery…everything related to why I’m fed up, too, really. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear anyone speaking so clearly about these subjects, but it’s hard to listen to as well, of course. Union is a goddamn hero.