Night Thread: Magic Always Comes With a Price

As those familiar with me know, my children spend quite a bit of time on creative endeavors, which I take as proof that creativity is not genetic. My eldest is studying to be an animator in college (my username and avatar originated from a short film where I got to do a voice) while he younger enjoys creating special effects makeup, designing jewellery, and more recently writing fiction. Recently she decided to enter a contest to write a 100-word story. Now, writing an extremely short story is difficult (and I think it is a great way to train you to be concise). The topic for this contest is “Magic Always Comes With a Price.”, so I suggested she write a story about a party magician haggling over his fee, because I like the idea of tweaking the contest organizers. Instead, she wrote this, coming in at exactly 100 words.

Her leg throbbed with pain, at least what was left of it. Crimson liquid soaked through her white dress and pooled beneath her. Her small arms grasped tightly onto the cold window sill. The young girl peered into the house where she heard a sudden shriek from her mother. The girl watched as her once wheelchair bound brother came shakily down the stairs. She watched her mother take her son into a tight embrace. The girls hands shook as she slowly lowered herself back to the ground. She smiled softly. Tears fell down her face as she faded into darkness.

Yeah, that scarred me for life. No way I’m not sharing that. Kind of made me feel like someone drove a metal spike through my head.

Don’t worry, this is just a special effect.

So yeah, I reserved a Night Thread just so I could brag about that. Also, just for Gooch, I am adding an entirely unrelated and extraneous Dracula (but don’t worry, it is a cute one rather than a spooky one)