The Avocado

Chicavo Meetup – Feb 17th 2018

It’s been ages since we’ve had a Chicavo meetup, and what better time to have one than in the (likely) freezing wasteland of February?

As problematic as Dan Savage can be, the HUMP film festival is always a good time. HUMP is a festival of homemade porn and erotica. The short films are ONLY shown at these screenings so you’d be part of a small group having the privilege of viewing them. The screening is 90 minutes long and always varies from uproariously funny to disturbing to just downright interesting.

We will go to the Saturday, Feb 17th 7pm screening at the Music Box theater. I figured we would all meet up at 5pm beforehand for dinner, the place is yet to be decided. We’ll want to eat relatively quickly and be at the theater by 6 or 6:15 to get good seats. If y’all are slowpokes I’ll abandon you to get good seats, I’m warning you!

Tickets are available already here:

So, who wants to join? I know this is early but I figure the more advance notice, the better.