The Adkins Diet Ep. 8 – The Tournament

The Adkins Diet is a podcast in which my wife and I attempt to watch and discuss every movie featuring prolific but underappreciated actor/martial artist/ass-kicker Scott Adkins.

This movie is way better than its terrible photo-shopped cover.

For this episode we watched the 2009 action film The Tournament. Every seven years the world’s greatest assassins are pitted against each other in an unsuspecting town for a $10 million prize. The tournament is organized by people wealthy and powerful enough to keep law enforcement from getting involved, and to cover up all the death and destruction that results. All participants have tracking devices implanted so that they can find and kill each other, while the organizers hack the English town of Middlesbrough’s CCTV system to watch the action unfold. This indie movie from England stars Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting), Kelly Hu (X2: X-Men United), and motherfucking Marsellus Wallace himself, Ving Rhames. Scott Adkins has a small supporting role.
Scott Adkins is NOT happy about how small his role is!

Hu and Rhames are assassins participating in the tournament, with Rhames the returning champion who has heard his wife’s killer is also a participant. Carlyle plays an alcoholic priest dragged into the chaos after accidentally swallowing a tracking device that another assassin had removed.

That other assassin? Parkour guy from Casino Royale!

Once Hu realizes this, she begins to protect him from the other assassins for reasons that are revealed later. People get shot, stabbed, and ‘sploded, as Hu guards Carlyle and Rhames seeks vengeance.

Listen as we discuss meaty explosions, double decker bus fights, and try to find a substitute for the Abs-kins Report.

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