AVoCADo GamesCast Year-End Extravaganza Sign-Ups

Q: What do you get when a Canadian, an American, a Pole, and an Australian walk into a chatroom?
A: A four-hour marathon year-end gaming podcast!

Believe it or not, we have even grander plans this year (though we might split it up into a multi-part podcast). This year, we want to get as many Avocado community members involved as possible in discussing their favourite games of the year.

Here’s the plan: Next weekend, The Kappa, The Radio Cat, and I will record two podcast segments: a beginning segment, where we run down the year’s gaming news; and an ending segment, where we discuss our favourite, least favourite, and most surprising games of the year. But we need a bunch of middle segments, and that’s where you fine folks come in.

Rather than trying to coordinate a set time when twenty of us all go on Skype at once and record together (and crash the Internet in the process), we’d like to record a series of segments where those of you who want to participate run down your Top 3 games of the year. Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll post a series of comments in the thread below, each with a recording time slot (Pacific Standard Time). If you’d like to participate in that time slot, please reply with your Skype username, if I don’t already have it. (By the way, it’s very easy to create a second Skype handle if your existing Skype handle contains your real name and you’d rather remain anonymous.) A maximum of three people can sign up in each slot. I’ll aim to make the recording no longer than ten minutes per person who signs up, so it’ll run at most 30-35 minutes.

If none of the listed time slots work for you, but you’d still like to participate, don’t fret. Feel free to record a run-down of your Top 3 with another Avocadoan and submit it to me. Just a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you have a decent-quality mic and a quiet space to record.
  2. Your Top 3 have to have been released after December 1st 2016. (Games that were released earlier elsewhere but localized only recently, e.g. Persona 5, are fine.)
  3. I’m not going to impose a hard-and-fast rule against them, but please try to avoid remakes and remasters.
  4. Please use this thread to coordinate with one or two Avocadoans for recording, so the two or three of you can record a segment together. We’d rather not have a segment that’s just one person talking into a mic for 15 minutes. Also, if you coordinate in this thread, then either I or The Kappa might be able to drop in on your segment to host it if we’re available. (Sunday the 10th might be a good day for this, because while I’m unavailable that day, The Kappa has some availability.)
  5. You can record your Skype calls with MP3 Skype Recorder. After you’ve recorded your segment, please email it to me at fork.in.the.road at gmail dot com, and make sure it’s in MP3 format.
  6. You have until December 20th to submit a segment.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the thread below. I hope to chat about video games with all of you!