Scott OT #15: Some Kind Of Day Thread

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that Metallica is one of my favorite bands of all time. If Cliff Burton had survived the eighties, there’s a very good chance, they would be my favorite of all time. They were also featured in one of my favorite documentaries of the 21st century, Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster.


Some Kind Of Monster is about the recording of Metallica’s 8th studio album, St. Anger. St. Anger is known for two major things: for being a huge disappointment and the near implosion the band experienced while making it. The band had just come off of firing bassist Jason Newstead and their crusade against Napster. Lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield abruptly leaves the group to enter rehab for his alcohol issues. They eventually enter therapy to try and deal with their issues with each other.


My favorite scene in the documentary is when drummer Lars Ulrich is playing some of the music from St. Anger for his father Torben, who looks like a fucking Tolkien character. Torben is not impressed, telling his son to delete the song.


Some Kind Of Monster was directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinosfsky. They directed many great documentaries such as Brother’s Keeper and the Paradise Lost trilogy. The latter series is how Berlinger and Sinofsky met the band. The West Memphis Three, the subjects of Paradise Lost, were huge Metallica fans and Berlinger and Sinsofsky got Metallica’s permission to use their music in the film, which was nearly unheard of before the documentary.

Premiere Of "Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster"

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