Heavy Side Up Weekly Discussion

Hello Avocadians, Gooch here! Welcome to what I hope will be a new weekly feature, “Heavy Side Up.”

This thread is designed to be a venue of discussion for those who enjoy music that typically errs on the fast-and-loud end of the rock spectrum (metal, punk, hardcore and the dozens upon dozens of sub-genres that fall under these umbrellas). Each installment will have at least one featured album released that week, chosen by yours truly, though you don’t necessarily have to discuss new releases here!


For our first installment, the featured album of the week is Glassjaw – Material Control, the official stream for which can be found here:

It’s the band’s first release since 2011, and their first full-length album since 2002’s Worship and Tribute (making it their third full-length album overall, despite having been a highly active and influential part of the post-hardcore scene for well over two decades now). I’ve been a huge Glassjaw fan for many years, and have been waiting for this with bated breath for what feels like an eternity, so I’m happy to announce that it completely lives up to my sky-high expectations.

Other notable releases this week include In Becoming a Ghost by progressive death metal band The Faceless (a personal favourite of mine):

And The Way Forward by one-man instrumental prog metal act Intervals:

There were also new releases from long-running death metal band Morbid Angel, progressive metal outfit Operation: Mindcrime (founded by the former frontmant of Queensrÿche) and metalcore band Fathoms, along with new albums by prog-tinged post-hardcore bands Icarus the Owl and So Soon, the Truth, if we’re including less aggressive genre releases (which I believe we should).

So: What have you been listening to this week?