Werewolf 47: The Thing Sign Ups

Antarctica, nineteen-eightysomething
The scientists of American research outpost #47 were feeling celebratory. A discovery in the ice of a large organic creature, frozen for potentially centuries was going to make them all famous and rich. Or so they thought.

The next morning they awoke to something horrifying. The radio destroyed. Their helicopter was gutted. The prized discovery was missing. And there was an unmistakable pile of human corpses outside, but everyone was present and accounted for….weren’t they? A resupply aircraft is due in ten days, can you survive? Or will you perish?

Master of Arms: Each night you will gift a player a one shot Vigilante power. That player can use their power on any night going forward. A wolf will not be able to receive this power. Power cannot be gifted to the same player on consecutive nights. If Master of Arms is recruited, they become vanilla wolf.

Detective: Each night detective will submit a name for investigation, results return Human or Thing.

Jailkeeper: Can protect one player each night. Protected player is roleblocked. Cannot protect the same player on consecutive nights our jailkeep self.

11 Vanilla Town: Can vote, be killed, recruited, etc.

Wolf Roleblocker: Can roleblock one player per night, cannot use power on one player on consecutive nights.

2 Vanilla Wolves:

Wolves also have the ability to recruit rather than kill on two nights if they so choose.

Serial killer: Can kill one person each night.

The Players

1. Smapti Jones
2. MacCrocodile
3. Grumphoho
4. forget_it_jake
5. Zecko
6. A Winged Potato
7. Admirax
8. Owen1120
9. Captain Video
10. Flaxon Faction Jackson
11. Shinichiki
12. Creeper
13. santafriend
14. Saint Doctor Nicholas
15. the good king snugglewumps
16. LuminariaLass
17. Lockeout

1. Subsaharan
2. LindsayFunke
3. Colonel Mustard

Final note: My first time running a game solo, so if I miss something, sorry in advance.