State of the Avocado – 11/30/17

As we’re about to have our Avocado anniversary, it’s about time for another State of the Channel address. By which I mean…it’s time for another State of the Channel address!

Before I get started, let me speak for all of us mods when I restate how grateful we are that all of you came along with us on our journey to this new site. We know it was a bit of a leap of faith for some, but it’s working out extremely well and we couldn’t have done that without your involvement. Thanks again who everyone who put in work to create and manage the site and who works on it now, and thanks to all the commenters for sticking around and being your awesome selves.

Now onto new business!

Rule update:

1. New Rule #6: Ban Evasion (or avoison)  – If you are banned from The Avocado for any reason, you are not permitted to create a new account under a different name to try and avoid that banning: the new account will be banned as well. Any attempts at ban evasion will negate any attempt you make to appeal your banning.

If you do wish to appeal your banning, the proper venue is to email Please note however that we rarely ban without a reason.

2. New Rule #7: Sticky threads – Only Avocado mods and admins may sticky threads, by which we mean pinning them to the front page. Do NOT select this option when you make a new thread as we will remove the pin.

Guideline updates:

1. New Guideline #10: Spoilers – We ask that you be considerate of people’s desires to avoid spoilers of newly released or recently released media here on The Avocado. That means if you are discussing plot points or other spoilers for something newly released or recently released (whether it be a movie, TV show, book, etc), you should either keep your discussion to spoiler spaces/threads specific to that media or be using spoiler tags or both. If you post said spoilers outside specific spoiler spaces, such as in the Open Threads, use spoiler tags. If people ask you to add those tags, be polite and add them. You can add spoiler tags using < spoiler > text here < / spoiler >, minus the spaces.

A note about word filters:

One of the reasons we were happy to leave the Disqus channel was to get away from their extensive and seemingly illogical list of words that were automodded, meaning they were immediately put into the mod filter before being visible to the community at large. We are very happy to have left this behind: now we can say fuck freely!

There are, however, still some words that will be autofiltered. These are words we have agreed on as a mod team and are primarily slurs that no one wants to see here at The Avocado. It is unlikely that anyone here would use any of these words even as a joke or when talking about something else: this is purely to filter out trolls, Neo-Nazis, and other awful people.

If you do find that a post you’ve made is stuck in auto-mod, let one of the mods know and we will check the queue for it.

Other general updates:

In the interest of complete transparency, I like to mention ANY updates I’ve made to the Site Guidelines page, which can always be found here: So, I have added “topics” to each rule and guideline so people can know what the rule/guideline is about right away, and bolded all of those. I also added the two new rules and the new guideline.

Thanks for reading, everyone!