Supreme Leader Snoke is “not a Sith” in The Last Jedi

Though we heard earlier reports that The Last Jedi would reveal almost nothing about new franchise big bad Supreme Leader Snoke (besides the fact that he’s apparently Gollum’s long-lost great uncle), Empire magazine is now implying that he might play a bigger role in the film than some might have thought.

“Snoke is WAY darker than Palpatine,” professional monkey man Andy Serkis told the magazine. “”He’s definitely not a Sith, but he’s certainly at the darker end of the Force.” This would imply that the Force, much like a phaser weapon in Star Trek, has various settings in terms of how powerful it is. Does “the darker end of the Force” mean Snoke is willing to go places that Palpatine–a man who started an intergalactic battle with himself in order to trick the Republic into giving him unlimited political power–wouldn’t dare to go? Will “Miss Me Yet?” T-shirts featuring The Emperor’s smiling mug become something liberals across the universe start wearing? Will Snoke use terrorist attacks on other planets as a means to somehow make an argument about his Ewok ban?

Or maybe he’ll mention “midichlorians” once and certain fans won’t stop complaining about it for fifteen years. In any case, we’ll get to see Snoke say some evil stuff to Kylo Ren–which will probably be much darker than “go kill children, okay?”–on December 15th (or maybe you’ll read a spoiler before then).