Day Thread of the Doctor

(re-scheduled due to incompetence)

On the 23rd November 1963, The BBC broadcast Doctor Who for the first time and set up a fantastic show with a theme tune that must have been mind blowing at the time.

(the first electronic theme tune ever, composed by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire using methods that if I covered them, would take up the rest of the header. It must have been a right work up)

I was a huge fan as a kid and the gent in the header was , as with David Tennant “My Doctor”. Charmingly eccentric but a good person to have in a tight spot.  I always try to live by the spirit of this quote

“I thought you might appreciate it if I gave you the impression I
knew what was happening. We could panic of course, but where would
that get us?”

The show got gradually neglected to death as I grew up but I hung in there, mainly for Ace, as portrayed by Sophie Aldred (She beat a Dalek to death with a baseball bat. As a 10 year old , this was the coolest thing British TV had ever done.)

When the show returned in 2005, my kids were 4 and 9. It was the one show where everybody came to watch, their grandma and grandad used to come round to ours to watch, it was a real family show. You can pick holes all you like (and god knows the fans do) but it’s pretty special to have a fictional universe enjoyed by people from wee kids watching from behind the sofa in case of monster surprise, to people old enough to to remember William Hartnell)

We’ve still got Billie Piper’s autobiography lying around somewhere because my eldest wanted to be Rose Tyler more than anything else in the world at the time.

In a another example of nice role model work , my youngest’s favourite companion was Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) because she never got  powers or had a weird time thing, she saved the world at one point by walking round it talking to people.  Which is pretty cool for a show about a magic time wizard.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the show is going with Jodie Whitaker. It’s going to breathe some interesting new life in having a female doctor.

I’ll leave with another great line from the doctor which is always good to remember because it’s true in our world too

“I’ve never met a person that wasn’t interesting”

I certainly haven’t on here. Have fun people

(PS, happy birthday to Karen Gillan AKA Amy Pond)