Songs by the Letter: Your Top ‘E’ Songs

Post your Top 25 (or less) for the letter E.

I’ve decided to publish one of these every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, otherwise this would take forever.


25. End of the Road. Jim O’Rourke. Simple Songs.
24. Epithets. Keith Fullerton Whitman. Epithets.
23. Electric Meend. Sagas. Signal Refracted.
22. Empty Spaces. Pink Floyd. The Wall.
21. Earl Grey (Stuck in a Groove). Girl Ray. Earl Grey.
20. Emotions and Math. Margaret Glaspy. Emotions and Math.
19. The Endlessness (Song for Young Xenophobes). Mary Ocher. The West Against the People.
18. Earthmover. Have a Nice Life. Deathconsciousness.
17. Epizootics!. Scott Walker. Bish Bosch.
16. The Ending of Dramamine. Car Seat Headrest. How To Leave Town.
15. Everybody Wants to Love You. Japanese Breakfast. Psychopomp.
14. The Everyday World of Bodies. Rodan. Rusty.
13. Easy Does It. Volcano!. Beautiful Seizure.
12. Eldery Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town. Pear Jam. Vs..
11. Eden. Talk Talk. Spirit of Eden.
10. Evergreen. The Fiery Furnaces. EP.
9. Eskimo Kiss. Thuder Dog. .
8. Easy. Joanna Newsom. Have One on Me.
7. Exuma, The Obeah man. Exuma. .
6. Echoes. Pink Floyd. Meddle.
5. Eureka. Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet. ONJQ Live.
4. Emily. Joanna Newsom. Ys.
3. Enemy. Vektroid. Vektroid Texture Maps.
2. Electric Guitar. Fluke. Six Wheels on My Wagon.
1. The Electrician. The Walker Brothers. Nite Flights.