The Avocado

Pod People 11.27.17

Please note, some of these are from the week before this, recovered after my file was borked last time. Thanksgiving is a sparse podcast week so I figured y’all wouldn’t mind.


The Heart – God + The Gays: I grew up Jehovah’s Witness. I also came out at 14. This episode speaks to the dual consciousness I had to overcome SO WELL.


My Brother, My Brother, and Me – Nuthead: WTF is this letter?! Nuthead is terrifying and will kill us all. While I was disappointed we didn’t get our theme for 2018, I’m happy to keep zagging on ’em for 2017, and this episode was full of great goofs. For those of you who don’t listen to MBMBAM and think that this whole paragraph sounds like it was written by an insane person: you need to listen to MBMBAM. I’ll tell you where to start if you want.


The Dollop – Donald Trump Part 1 and 2: I loved and hated listening to this. Hated because I hate listening to anything about our garbage monster of a president, loved because I love hearing Dave and Gareth mock him. The “say you’re a guy” TalkSpace ads in the last months have been fantastic, so this was like a lot of that, but with a detailed history of Trump and his family. Warning: this episode uses the unbleeped n-word in quotes so those who don’t want to hear that word may want to avoid parts of the Part 1 episode.


Reply All #110 – The Antifa Supersoldier Spectacular: Jesus Christ, people on the right are fucking idiots. Here is a kind of hilarious example of it in this Yes Yes No segment. I already knew about this one, but it was hilarious to hear them explain it with clips and quotes. There’s also a discussion of those weird YouTube videos based on kid’s cartoons.


Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip – Jean Grae: Jean Grae is amazing and incredible and I love this interview and everything she has to say.


Another Round – Stacy-Marie Ishmael brings us some much-needed career advice: The discussion about harassment in this episode was real and brilliant, and I love their perspective on how much actual consequences are needed in order for anything to change. The episode also has plenty of fun stuff, to balance out the more serious topics.


Love & Radio: WWCD? : This person is insane. They’re publically traded and let all their “shareholders” make personal decisions for them.