After all there’s only ONE MORE WEEK ’til Giftmas…

I sincerely hope you get the title reference.


We’ve only got one week here people! Please let me know in the comments or via email if you’ve sent/received your gift.

HOW NEXT SUNDAY’S GONNA GO DOWN: I’m gonna schedule a Giftmas thread to go live on 12/3 at 10:00am CDT – the same time as the Day Thread. I will also send out a mass email to all Giftmas participants with a link to the thread. Anyone is welcome in the Giftmas thread, though its primary intention will be for people to post pictures of their gifts (unwrapping, selfies, whatever – show your gifter how stoked you are!). Gifters, do not reveal yourselves to your giftees unless your giftee specifically requests to know. Last year we had a subthread for giftees to ask who their gifter was, in case gifters didn’t want to search through the entire thread, but it’s fine to include it with your unwrapping picture too. It’ll kind of take on a life of its own eventually.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave ’em below. Can’t wait!

PS: Hopefully you’ve already procured your gift, but here’s the link to the Intros Thread for you procrastinators, if you need ideas for your giftee.