Parental Guidance November 25, 2017: Kid’s Clothes

Hello and welcome to Parental Guidance, The Avocado’s Weekly thread for parents, prospective parents, caregivers and other lunatics1 who think they have what it takes to raise some humans. Each week I, Corn, and/or Miss Rim will put up a thread with a discussion prompt and open the floor to all parents who may be looking for advice, sharing a fun experience, or just venting about how goddamn maddening this crazyass responsibility can be.

This week’s topic: Kid’s clothes

What do your kids like to wear? Are there any good outfitters or retailers where you like to shop for them? Do they get a lot of hand-me-downs passed their way? Do they like to put on your shoes and walk around saying “Look, I’m Daddy/Mommy!”2? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to suggest future topics, update us on your family’s condition, and just share in all the weirdness, frustration, and joy that we all go through together. It’s quite the adventure, I’m told.