Werewolves XLVI: Live Together, Die Alone – Day 4

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Dr. Leslie Arzt was not sleeping well. He had found his long-lost son, seen his long-lost son die, seen his long-lost son return to life with no memories, and now he had indigestion. He shouldn’t have eaten that damn John Locke’s mangos.

As he tossed and turned, a figure approached stealthily. Not stealthily enough, though. A twig cracked, and Dr. Arzt shot up. Seeing the shadowy figure, he shouted and ran away. The figure pursued.

The chase led across the beach, deep into the jungle, and out into a clearing. But Dr. Arzt was not running aimlessly. Like his son, Dr. Arzt had access to secret explosives. But his were of a slightly larger caliber.

Reaching the clearing, Dr. Arzt ran as quickly as he could for the trigger that he knew was there, waiting, for a dire emergency only.

Mere feet away from the trigger, the figure overtook Dr. Arzt. He managed to squirm away, but not before taking a fatal knife to the back. He struggled, inch by inch, to the trigger. The shadowy figure descended upon him once more… but Dr. Arzt had already reached his goal. He flipped the switch.

“It worked,” he breathed, as the world collapsed around him.

forget_it_jake is still alive. She used to be the Atomic Bomb. What she is now is anyone’s guess.

Due to the effects of the Atomic Bomb, some portion of players have had their roles and alignments randomly shuffled. The players who were shuffled are free to discuss their old roles and alignments.

Today’s random event has also been shuffled.

The castaways woke up in a brand new universe. Many of them didn’t realize anything had changed. Some of them, however, sensed the difference. As they milled about, getting breakfast, saying good morning, and trying to adjust, the Magician noticed two figures, approaching along the beach.

“Who are you?” he shouted, holding his hands out in front of him. “I warn you, I know magic!”

The figures finally arrived at the castaways’ camp. Exhausted, bedraggled, one of them said, “Finally, we found you!”

“Who are you?” asked Kevin.

“We’re what’s left,” said the other figure. “We’re the only survivors of the tail section of Lycanthropic 815.”

Today’s random event is Tailies.

RobertPostsChild and Doctor Nick have been randomly selected to return from the Graveyard. They are not playing their old characters, but rather two new characters, with new roles and new randomly chosen alignments. They are The Tailies and they have a story to tell from The Other 48 (3) Days.



  1. liz156
  2. Capt.LindsayFünke
  3. Doctor Nick
  4. Captain Video
  5. Owen1120
  6. Smapti Jones
  7. Pulprobot
  8. spookyfriend
  9. RobertPostsChild
  10. InnDEEEEED (ThanksgivingStyle)
  11. Admirapple Pie
  12. MacCrocodile
  13. forget_it_jake
  14. A Winged Potato
  15. Zecko
  16. subsaharan


12 Castaways (Town)

4 Others (Wolves)


  • At the start of the game, there are two factions and two factions only. Depending on the course of events, more factions may emerge, including but not limited to a serial killer.
  • The counts of players in each faction will not be updated in the header unless otherwise stated.
  • When a player dies, their faction and role (though not the specifics of what their role means) will be revealed.
  • The Castaways win when all scum factions have been eliminated.
  • The Others win when all Castaways and competing scum factions have been eliminated.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of a day, a two-hour runoff vote will be held between the leading vote-getters.
  • A majority of votes for a player or a No Lynch ends the day early.
  • Do not edit posts.
  • Do not directly quote or screencap from your QT.
  • If you have any questions, please ask Hols and I in your QT.

Day 4 will end on Saturday at 1 p.m., or when a majority lynch vote is reached.