Werewolves XLVI: Live Together, Die Alone – Day 3

The survivors of Lycanthropic Flight 815 once again set to digging graves. This time, they mourned Kevin Arzt without the sweet numbing of alcohol.

“Hey, I bet I could distill this mouthwash,” volunteered The Guy Who Was a Lot Like Sawyer but Didn’t Actually Call Himself That.

“Sure, if you want to kill everyone with minty fresh death,” grumbled Dr. Arzt, who was grieving the son he never knew.

“Whatever you say, Doc,” TGWWALLSBDACHT said, rolling his eyes.

The digging continued, as in the background, the Magician attempted to reanimate the dead rabbit the emo teen was smoking for dinner, and the Italian rocked back and forth, muttering to herself, “Pur… purp… purple. Purple. Purple People Eaters!”

“Hey, Richie Rich,” said Sawyer Type, out of the side of his mouth to Billionaire Investor Subington Berkshire.

“I think that guy died yesterday,” Subington said to Sawyer Type.

“No, listen, man. I snuck some of that mouthwash and some chemicals away from Dr. Arzt while he was sobbing, and I jerry-rigged us some hooch. You want in?”

“Oh, yes!” Subington cried, delighted at being offered a means of escape from the sea of street urchins he was stranded with on this strange island.

“A million bucks,” said Sawyer Type.


“Supply and demand, Richie. That’s capitalism.”

“Fine,” Subington said, scribbling out an IOU on the back of a dead passenger’s passport. “Collectable on demand upon our return to our homes. Well, my return to a home. I presume you live in a hovel of some kind.”

“Nice doing business with ya,” Sawyer Type smirked and ambled away.

Subington swigged at the mouthwash liquor and made a face. He swigged again. It didn’t taste like alcohol at all…

Hours later, the other passengers found Subington dead, foaming at the mouth. Dr. Arzt’s chemicals had been tampered with. Sometime, in the dead of night, someone had slipped poison berries into them.

“Well. We better dig another grave,” sighed the dead corpse, followed by an immediate loud fart. Luckily, Subington’s minty fresh breath covered the smell.

Subsaharan is dead. He was a Castaway (Town) and his role was The Constant.

As the passengers muttered worriedly among themselves about what moonshine/hooch was safe to drink, their attention was suddenly drawn by rustling in the woods.

“It’s a boar!” cried emo girl. “Get it, so we can skin it alive and eat it!”

“It’s a polar bear!” cried the Italian.

“What are you talking about?” said emo girl. “This is a tropical island. How much did you pay for your Rosetta Stone edition? I think it had some bugs in the software. Did you mean boar?”

“No!” cried the Italian. “BEAR!”

“This one is broken,” said emo girl. “Can we eat her yet?”

But it wasn’t a boar, or a bear. Instead, shockingly, Kevin Arzt emerged from the woods, his hair tangled, a glazed look in his eyes.

Son!” cried Dr. Arzt, running over to hug Kevin.

“Huh?” said Kevin.

“But, how can this be!?” Said Dr. Nick. “They never covered this in my medical school. I thought dead was dead. I swear I learned that.” He paused. “Well. Maybe not.”

“Who are you people?” asked Kevin, bewildered.

“Don’t you remember us?” asked the Magician. “We are your fellow passengers. And also some bad guys.”

“I don’t remember anything,” said Kevin. “I can’t remember anything before I woke up in the woods. It’s like a blank slate. I don’t remember my name, or how I got to this island, or … anything. I’m scared.” He paused. “Also I want some peanut butter, please.”


Today’s Random Event is Homecoming.

This Random Event has returned Owen to among the living.

Owen is like any other player. He was chosen for resurrection by the Gods (of the RNG) among the previously killed players. His alignment was then chosen by RNG as well. He has the same voting rights as any other player, and can be killed the same as any other player. Basically, he’s you guys, but back on Day 1.


  1. liz156
  2. Capt.LindsayFünke
  3. Pilgrim Doctor Nick
  4. Captain Video
  5. Owen1120
  6. Smapti Jones
  7. Pulprobot
  8. spookyfriend
  9. RobertPostsChild
  10. InnDEEEEED (ThanksgivingStyle)
  11. Admirapple Pie
  12. MacCrocodile
  13. forget_it_jake
  14. A Winged Potato
  15. Zecko
  16. subsaharan


12 Castaways (Town)

4 Others (Wolves)


  • At the start of the game, there are two factions and two factions only. Depending on the course of events, more factions may emerge, including but not limited to a serial killer.
  • The counts of players in each faction will not be updated in the header unless otherwise stated.
  • When a player dies, their faction and role (though not the specifics of what their role means) will be revealed.
  • The Castaways win when all scum factions have been eliminated.
  • The Others win when all Castaways and competing scum factions have been eliminated.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of a day, a two-hour runoff vote will be held between the leading vote-getters.
  • A majority of votes for a player or a No Lynch ends the day early.
  • Do not edit posts.
  • Do not directly quote or screencap from your QT.
  • If you have any questions, please ask Hols and I in your QT.

Due to Thanksgiving related reasons, Day 3 will end Friday at 11:00 AM EST, or when a majority lynch vote is reached. We will be around throughout the holiday, but we want to ensure those who take their family more seriously than us don’t miss out on the game while pretending to care about Aunt Sylvia’s cruise.