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Sports Corner – Thanksgiving Week

Every holiday has its particular sport – Christmas and MLK Day belong to the NBA, Boxing Day to the Premier League, the summer holidays to MLB, New Year’s Day to the NHL (okay, and to the college bowl games).  But I think there is no greater link than that of the NFL and Thanksgiving, unless it’s the college football rivalry games the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The NFL has been playing games on Turkey Day from the start of the league, with the Lions staking a permanent claim in 1945 and the Cowboys in 1966.  This has meant that in some years, the nation being forced to watch a miserable Lions team (and less often a bad Cowboys team).  With the addition of a night game, there is a better chance one game will be good.  Though this year, the highlight is clearly Minnesota-Detroit, while the Cowboys face the underwhelming  Chargers and the Washingtons play the dreary Giants.

Now if this isn’t enough football, there is also Rivalry Weekend, most notably Auburn-Alabama, aka The Iron Bowl.  The winner goes to the SEC title game, which is in itself a play-in game of sorts for the CFB playoffs, so this weekend is about more than bragging rights.

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As always, any and all sports discussion is welcome.