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In this Wednesday political thread, birds of a feather flock together…

Yesterday, Trump decided to support Roy Moore over the several (then) underage women that Roy preyed upon…Trump cites Moore’s denial. Most of you will remember that Trump was in a similar situation himself. Several accusers, his solitary denial…as result many people voted for him including women…and some of Moore’s accusers voted for Trump as well. They voted for a man who himself was accused by several women of assault. Did they believed him? Yes/No, it doesn’t matter.

The question that is more intriguing to me is did they think that Trump would actually recognize their best interests? As a woman, did they believe Trump would be an advocate for them?

Trump believes Moore…not his accusers…not the local mall…not the yearbook handwriting analysis.

One of Moore’s accusers has iterated this is not about politics, I supported Trump…but it is about politics because IF you supported Trump, you supported this.

Welcome to Wednesday!