The Day Thread Contains Questionable Content

Questionable Content is my favorite webcomic. It’s a slice-of-life/sitcom strip with extended story arcs, wacky comedy, heart-wrenching drama, and robots. Everyone should read it. It got off to kind of a rough start, but these days it’s consistently excellent. Here are some of the major characters in its giant cast.


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Our ostensible main character, Marten Reed is an indie rock nerd who works at a college library. He enjoys playing guitar and hanging with his friends, but he can be annoyingly passive and wishy-washy at times.


The center of most of the plotlines, Faye Whitaker is Marten’s roommate and close friend. She runs a robot repair shop with her friend Bubbles (more on her later). She’s a Southern belle with a mean streak and a lot of psychological issues.


Pintsize is Marten’s robot companion, living with him and Faye. He has no job, and he spends most of his time cracking crude jokes and pulling elaborate pranks. Despite his general grossness, he genuinely does love his friends, and he’ll always come through where it counts.


Faye’s close friend and Marten’s ex, Dora Bianchi runs a coffee shop called Coffee of Doom. She’s an ex-goth who loves heavy metal, and while she’s very nice, she’s also known to be have control issues.



Hannelore Elicott-Chatham is another good friend of Marten and Faye’s. She works for Dora at Coffee of Doom. She has severe OCD and anxiety, and will freak out at the slightest provocation, but she’s extremely kind-hearted, more than almost anyone else in the cast.


Tai is Dora’s girlfriend, and Marten’s boss at the library. She’s an aspiring DJ and writer of erotica, and she’s extremely flirty with loose boundaries.



Momo is another robot character. She works with Marten and Tai at the library (and has a roommate named Marigold who hasn’t shown up much lately). She’s exceedingly polite, but if you make her uncomfortable, she will not hesitate to pump you full of electricity.


Sam, AKA Skullmaster, is a teenage girl and the daughter of Marten’s mom’s boyfriend. She loves video games, swordfighting reptiles, and helping Faye with metalworking, and she wants to be a biologist.



Claire is Marten’s girlfriend. She’s studying for her Master’s in library science. She’s very intelligent, and as a result can sometimes be arrogant or manipulative, but she always means well. She is also transgender, which rules.


Emily works for Dora at Coffee of Doom. She’s good friends with Claire, and she’s possibly the weirdest character in the strip (which is saying a lot). She’s completely unpredictable, but never malicious at all.


Clinton is Claire’s younger brother. He’s obsessed with robotics, and is the only person in the world more awkward than Marten. He’s the one major amputee character we have, and he embraces it, wearing his prosthetic hand proudly.


May is Momo’s best friend. She works at a convenience store, as no other job would hire a convicted felon (she stole money in an attempt to buy a black-market fighter jet). She’s almost as crude as Pintsize, and has trouble opening up emotionally, but she’s not so bad when you get to know her.


Bubbles is Faye’s partner at the robotics repair shop. She’s a veteran with heavy PTSD and survivor’s guilt, and while she can often be gruff, she’s extremely loyal to Faye and her other friends.


Brun is one of the latest additions to the cast. She’s a barback/bartender, and she loves clocks and dog puns. She has trouble reading social situations, and she can often be blunt or even intimidating, but she’s also very funny and passionate. Clinton has a crush on her.


Everyone go read this incredible comic!