Tell Us About Your Weekend!

Howdy, friends! In the spirit of my “How was your weekend?” weekly thread I used to post every week under the AV Club’s “Weekend Box Office” newswire (as an alternative to AV Club’s own “Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Weekend” discussion that posted Saturday night and tended to get buried in comments before those of us who actually sleep at night get around to it), I’m going to start doing these weekly discussions here at the Avocado.

This will be an alternative to the open discussions, where you can chat about what you got to see and do without it being buried under an avalanche of random cat pics and Pluggers cartoons.  Today’s is posting in the afternoon (EST) but I plan to schedule future ones for Mondays around 10 AM (EST).

Soo…. TELL US ABOUT YOUR WEEKEND!  Was it good?  Was it bad?  Did you have fun?  Did you do jack shit?  TELL US!!!