Ming-Na Biden Night Thread (11/20)

I wasn’t sure whether to celebrate Joe Biden or Ming-Na Wen in this Night Thread, so I’ll do both at the same time.

Ming-Na Biden was born on November 20, 1963 and November 20, 1942. They are a national treasure and are most famous for serving as the Vice President of Barack Obama and starring as Melinda May in Agents of SHIELD.

may vs may.gif


Ming-Na Biden is also known for providing the voice of Mulan, being a Delaware senator for 36 years, receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and appearing in the first season of ER.

It’s also my birthday, as well as Hoe’s, so in the spirit of this thread, imagine us fused together into a freakish monstrosity dubbed “Hoewen Allan20.”

Happy birthday to everyone, especially Ming-Na Biden, and enjoy the Night Thread!