Sunday Pre-Thanksgiving Food Thread

The big US holiday is only 4 days away, what are your plans?
We’re doing a turkey on the grill again, header image is from last year, and so far the weather is saying 30’s but no rain.
If you don’t do anything special, or aren’t in the US, this is by no means an exclusive thread. You are welcome and encouraged to share any food things on your mind, plate, cook-top etc.

I’m out for the day so here’s my comment: Thanksgiving is really the only holiday that I get excited about anymore and this year is no exception. My wife’s sister and her family come to our house and stay for five days, they live a seven hour drive away and this holiday is when we all get to spend some time together. The BS national significance doesn’t really matter to any of us and fortunately we’re all of similar political opinions which means conversations are generally pleasant.

We’ll do all kinds of sides but since my in-laws keep kosher the challenge will be to not use dairy in any sides. The turkey is cooked outdoors and that leaves the kitchen kosher, at least kosher enough for our guests anyway. The only thing we won’t even attempt is mashed potatoes without dairy so they’re off the menu. We’ll probably have two different preparations of sweet potatoes and one or two green vegetables, maybe a soup too. Luckily dessert is late enough after the meal to allow for dairy so pie is the word! Apple-cranberry, pecan, and, of course, pumpkin and then we all pass out by the fireplace.

Back to the usual food thread next Sunday, if anyone wants to do a day of thread please still use the Sunday Food Thread tag and post a link here if you remember. I’ll be a little too involved with family stuff to make a thread but will check in to comment when everyone’s in a food coma.