Parental Guidance November 18, 2017 – Hair

Hello moms, dads and all other child-raisers! Welcome to Parental Guidance, The Avocado’s weekly discussion thread for parents, caregivers, and those of us with decidedly too much responsibility 1. Each week I, Corn, or Miss Rim will suggest a particular topic to kick things off, but please do bring up any other concerns or questions, and good old-fashioned grievances that may be on your mind.

This week’s topic: Hair

This week’s topic was suggested by PaNoire, inspired by this Nathan Rabin blog post. What was your child’s first haircut like? Do you do anything special with them when you cut their hair now? Do you (or your partner) do it yourselves, or do you have someplace you take them regularly? How does it compare with your own memories of having your hair cut as a child? Take it away, and don’t forget to vent.