Jane the Virgin: S04E06 “Chapter 70”

Yay! I finally get to post a writeup of an episode the night of its airing. Hopefully from here on out that’s how it’ll go. Chapter 70 started off teasing again about the soon to be death on the show, and this episode delivered two departures for the price of one. One of those was of their own volition, the other in a body bag. I made the mistake last week of thinking it was a nice change of pace to have a bi romantic lead, somehow forgetting my earlier prediction that Adam was not long for the show, and sure nuff, as soon as Jane gets ready to drop the L bomb on her boyfriend, he bows out of the romance. But I’ll get back to that later.

Jane’s having a big week with the release party for her first book and she can’t wait to host it at the book store that was home to her discovery and passion for the written word. Unfortunately for Jane, her little piece of heaven has shut down thanks to the slow death of brick and mortar stores. Of course, Rogelio feels the need to come to the rescue, but since Xo is telling him he can’t spend any money to recreate the bookstore, he does what he thinks is the next best thing by cosigning for the owners to reopen with the promise of getting them some People magazine press coverage which is sure to revive Jane’s favorite shop. If I’m being honest, the ‘Rogelio overcompensates because of guilt on missing out on Jane’s childhood’ felt a lot like a rehashing of past arcs. The minor tweek of that guilt being caused from him kinda believing Jane was born back when he was still a teen doesn’t seem to add much to tonight’s story, but the wrench it’s going to throw into his relationship with Xo might have some interesting payoff in the future.

Now that the store is open, Jane is set to launch her book but she’s going to have to do it without Raf there. For the first time in his life, Raf is desperate enough to need some money to have to work a regular job. I’m not sure I believe it’s in Raf’s character to accept a bartending job at the hotel he once owned, but seeing him in that silk screened stupid shirt was worth suspending disbelief. He was bummed that she wasn’t so bummed he couldn’t make it (loved getting to hear Alba say bummed twice), so she dropped by the bar and let him read the beautiful but simple acknowledgement to him at the back of the book. I had all sorts of girly feelings going on watching Rafael hold back the tears and it’s clear the show is making sure we all remember there is something really profound between these two.

Raf’s not the only one who can’t make Jane’s soiree. Adam has some excuse about a work deadline, which is entirely unfortunate since the cover of the book is emblazoned with the art he made for her. Jane spends the episode holding back the urge to say “I love you” and I appreciate that the show continues to show Jane grappling with her grief and reluctance to move on but not letting such a heavy topic overwhelm the light tone of the show. Jane goes to her party stag, but thanks to some tweeting from Fabian, she runs into her author idol, Isabel Allende, who gives Jane the motivation to fess up her feelings. This cameo was a special one for the show. I love when they can actually give some appreciation for the literary world and Jane getting to meet a personal hero is the kind of win she needs, even if that hero came because she saw this:
Leave it to this show to crack me up just in the middle of getting misty eyed.

But back to Adam. Just when Jane is about to profess her feelings, Adam reveals that his dream job called him back and is offering him even more money and it’s too much for him to resist. With returns happening all the time on the show, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Tyler Posey in the future, but his presence on the series served its purpose, and now that Jane knows that her heart can heal and rebreak, I don’t know if we will see him again.

This week I was finally caring about the Marabella hotel plot line. One of the things this show does best is move through plot really quickly, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Petra already figured out that Magda and Anezka made Luisa think she was crazier than she was. Even though she certainly didn’t earn her position, seeing Anezka in power was totally worth it if not for her fancy makeover. She may have been most proud of her patent leather Mary Janes but it was the spiral curl in her hair that killed me. Unfortunately for Anezka, she’d been played by both her mother and her sister and didn’t know who she could trust. I doubt it was either one of those who killed her, but maybe if she had an alley, we wouldn’t have seen the most messed up shot of those shoes with those frilly socks (that every 2 year old girl has been forced to wear) from Anezka’s dangling feet.

I’m going to seriously miss Anezka. It was a delight getting to see such a wildly different side of Yael Grobglas. It was hard to root for her after that whole “locked in syndrome” story, and she was definitely awful last week as well, but it was hard to root against the mostly meek and easily impressed evil twin sister. If it had been up to me, the offed character would have been Magda or Luisa, but I’m not getting paid the big bucks to write, and after this review, you can probably see why that is.