Night Thread Of Christ (and Ra7x fan)

I know it’s only Saturday US time) but let’s celebrate the birth of Christ. Johnny Christ, that is. Bassist with Avenged Sevenfold, the  band who play…stuff? I’ve no idea to be honest. The music isn’t important. What is important is they inspired  Reposted A7x Fan, the greatest novelty account the AV Club ever had (I’m not sure if Nudeador is a novelty or not. I choose to believe he’s real)

A commenter who speaks to the heart of issues, like…the supernatural-

“A couple years ago I saw a documentary on discovery channel and they said at one point vampires did exist but they died out over time.”-Christine Curse, 2 weeks ago

Style and etiquette-

“I am considering a full face tattoo myself but I am in two minds mainly because it will have a negative impact on my career.”– monkeymanelvis

Whether 40 year olds should be opining on stuff…wait , hang on-

“umm.. the hell we dont need a 40 year old starting the blah blah bout your generation k dubstep sucks eminiem is cool and I know alot about JFK” -MGarchangel 115

And, very rarely, Avenged Sevenfold Themselves-

“Dis is my shit. Find me in the pit.” -Smootchie Wallace



There’s a sample. It’s bloody awful, frankly, but each to their own.


Now let’s see some some Smootchie Wallace level posting!