The Adkins Diet Ep. 7 – Eliminators

The Adkins Diet is a podcast in which my wife and I attempt to watch and discuss every movie featuring prolific but underappreciated actor/martial artist/ass-kicker Scott Adkins.


This episode we watched Eliminators, a 2016 movie released by WWE Studios. Scott Adkins stars as Martin Parker, an American widower living a quiet life in England with his young daughter Carly.  After a chance violent encounter, Parker’s face is all over the news. Violent people from Parker’s previous life as Thomas McKenzie take notice (AKA the set-up for the movie A History of Violence). Soon Bishop (played by WWE wrestler Wade Barrett), Europe’s most dangerous assassin, is dispatched to hunt down Martin/Tom and his daughter.


Chases, shoot-outs, fights, and LOTS of driving scenes ensue. Things turn out to be personal of course, for Charlie Cooper (a crime boss/evil Santa played by James Cosmo).


This episode is a bit shorter than usual, the movie didn’t give us as much to chew on and it was a busy week so I didn’t have time to do much prep (we were even interrupted during recording). We still had fun, though, and we hope listeners do too! Listen as we talk about a couple good fights, some (not so) thrilling driving scenes, dead social workers, and debate the rating metrics of Whitney’s Abs-kins Report. Make sure to like and follow us on Souncloud, or rate and subscribe on iTunes!

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