Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Nov. 17

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Nov. 17 – TOC day ten – Buzzy had $0 after the first day of the two-day final, so he got exactly what he needed when he found DD2 with $10,800 and doubled up.

Alan, who had a small lead after day one with $8,800, dropped out of contention when he lost everything on DD3. So it was left to Austin, who came into this game with $6,500, to break Buzzy’s two-day runaway on the very last clue of DJ.

Buzzy entered FJ with $25,600 while Austin had $10,200, so Austin had the potential to improve a two-day score of $26,900 and to win it all with a correct response and a miss by Buzzy. Alan had just $1,600 and had no realistic chance to take the title.

DD1 – MUSICAL GROUP NAMES DEFINED – On a standard piano, there are 36 of these, sharps and flats (Austin won $1,600 on a true DD.)

DD2 (video) – THE BODY HUMAN – The hip is this type of joint, meaning that a rounded surface of one bone moves within the depression of another bone (Buzzy won $10,800 on a true DD.)

DD3 – EPONYMS – These slips of the tongue that bear a man’s name include “it is now kisstomary to cuss the bride” (Alan lost $10,400 on a true DD.)

FJ – STATE CAPITALS – A state capital since 1805, its name begins with the last 4 letters of the state’s name

Once again, everyone struck out on FJ, so with his $1,301 wager Buzzy took home the $250,000 grand prize with a two-day score of $24,299. Austin bet $10,000, fell to $200 and a two-day total of $6,700, which put him in third place for the tournament behind Alan, who lost $1,200 to finish the game at $400 for a two-day score of $9,200. Alan was awarded $100,000 for second place and Austin won $50,000 for third.

Triple Stumpers of the day: No one knew the post-merger name of publisher Harper & Row is HarperCollins, and didn’t take the best guess for a clue looking for a Shakespearian actor in 1970 as Laurence Olivier.

Contestant chit-chat: With the ominous warning to Alex to “Get scared”, Buzzy threw his hat in the ring to be the next Jeopardy! host. But even though Buzzy wants to replace him, he loves Alex just the same.

This day in Trebekistan: “I’m dealing with three monkeys here today. This is pathetic.”

Correct Qs:

DD1 – Who are The Black Keys?
DD2 – What is ball and socket?
DD3 – What is a spoonerism?
FJ – What is Montpelier?