D&D, anyone?

The Hayes Code here!  I have been a D&D fan for years, but I almost never get to play. It’s just so difficult to get an in-person group together (especially when you live in the hinterlands of Wisconsin!)  It struck me recently that 1) maybe there’s some people here in the same boat and 2) this is like ground zero for awesome people who it would be fun to run a game with.  So I thought I’d post here and ask if anyone was interested in doing a campaign together online!

I have never DMed before, but I have all the books and I’d be willing to take a bash at it  (just bear with me, it might be a little messy!)   I can provide character sheet pdfs and stuff and help with character creation if needed. And while I got this idea about D&D 5th edition specifically, if a bunch of people were more interested in something else like Mutants and Masterminds or whatever, I’d be game to give that a go instead.

I think a regular Avocado RPG group would be a blast, and if people were cool with it we could even post summaries of the play sessions! What do you think?