Arrow Season 6 Episode 6 Promises Kept Live Chat

Whatever your feelings on this season of Arrow, it’s undeniable that the show has a lot of plot lines that it is juggling right now. We have:

  • Oliver’s Son
  • Oliver and Felicity (which I’ll admit is just background noise right now)
  • Diggle as Green Arrow/is a junkie
  • FBI investigation
  • Dinah’s resurrected beau is Vigilante (sidenote, could they have picked anyone with less of an impact on long time viewers)
  • Rene still has the thing with his daughter right?
  • Thea in a coma for whenever they want to dig that up
  • Cayden James (played by an always welcome Michael Emerson)
  • Black Siren who pops up every other episode, plus her effect on Det. Lance.

We also have the continuation of Slade’s story from last week. Plus we’ve got a crossover in a week and a half. Needless to say, it’s a lot of story. Arrow never really shied away from going big and ambitious with its storytelling, sometimes to its detriment. And it always had a plot or two no one liked.  All this is to say that I’m still hoping that Arrow can find a balance.

But onto tonight’s episode, Promises Kept. The title is most likely a callback to Season 2 episode The Promise in which evil Slade promised to get his revenge of Oliver. Will that happen? Probably not but, Discuss it here.