Fashion Club 11/14

Hello, Fashion Club. Let’s see if I can get through this post without being overly distracted by this week’s Legends of Tomorrow.

This week’s Thing I Like is sweaters. It’s not that complicated – I’m cold more often than not, and I am from the 90’s but don’t have a real affinity for flannel.

Sweaters ranked by style:

  • Crewneck: classic, no nonsense. Has the most potential to be dull, but works with most anything.
  • V-neck: maybe more formal, can be worn with a tie. Unlike a crewneck, the undershirt actually matters.
  • Cardigan: versatile, possibly less trendy than a few years ago but not going anywhere.
  • Full zip: I like this style but it seems to be the hardest to get right.
  • Quarter zip: not a bad style, but it seems to be the most “safe dad” of all sweaters. Also the most golf of all sweaters.

I need to buy a sweater or two this week, before the weather turns and before the holiday crowds become savage. Pray For Catgun.

Runner up: whatever Sara Lance is doing with her hair on Legends of Tomorrow tonight. This might have been the first thing but there is already a thread for the DC shows.

This week’s Thing I Don’t Like is the tacky Christmas sweater. Come on. It was safe to put this in the closet next to the Furby a few years ago, and yet, they’re still around. Go on, accuse me of not being fun, but this is one trend that needs to untrend.

Runner-up: The Gap. Somewhere in the past few years, this place became its own factory store, and I’m not sure it’s going back. It just seems like the kind of place where I can’t believe anything could be priced over $30. I’m not sure even Janelle Monae could get me to buy things there.

So! Tell the that I’m wrong about The Gap, or share your thoughts on sweaters. Let’s have it.