Coolest Movie Villains

The handsome evil twin to Scott’s “Lamest Movie Villains” post a few days ago. Post Movie Villains that are just plain cool and that you love.

My personal favorite movie villain is Roy Batty(played by Rutger Hauer) from Bladerunner. Roy is a replicant, a rouge artificially made life form (basically a robot) more human than the people hunting him for not being human. He is a leader of a gang of replicants with a surprisingly relatable and understandable goal, to find out how much time they have left. The replicants have short lifespans, the longest only five years, and Batty and his gang want to find out their creation date to know how much life they have left, and if there’s anyway to increase their lifespan.

Batty’s plan isn’t to kill every human or take over the world, his plan is merely one of survival. He doesn’t want to die. But this surprisingly nonvillainous plan still puts him in direct opposition with Replicant hunter Roy Deckard(played by Harrison Ford), culminating in a terrifying cat and mouse game set inside a giant house, where Roy stalks and terrifies Deckard, giving him a sense of the fear and terror he has had to live with because of his status as a Replicant. This scene ends with Roy peacefully dying, coming to terms with his own death before giving Deckard a speech about all the wonders he had seen in his short life, a fantastic bit of acting which has gone down as one of the best monologues in film history.


Anywho, post your favorite movie villains! Don’t be afraid to post someone more obscure or less conventional. The more obscure and off the beaten path the better!