Supernatural – New thread and some housekeeping details

Hi there, and welcome to the new Supernatural space here on the Avocado! There hasn’t been one before now for a few reasons that I’d like to address here first, before you get to my first official post as it may impact the future of this Supernatural section depending on what you all would like to see happen. This means there will be two posts for Supernatural today, this one and the post for 13×05, but this is a one time thing and I wanted to keep housekeeping duties separate from show duties. (I apologize to the Mods if this causes a problem, but it is a one time thing, I promise!) This might be a bit long, but please bear with me.

Back before the beginning of the season, I expressed an interest in possibly taking on the duties of posting the Supernatural articles for TV club. I got some interested responses in return. What I completely forgot was that Supernatural was on Thursday and Thursday is usually my D&D day. I also then discovered that even if I didn’t have D&D on Thursdays, due to lovely Canadian TV scheduling and my love for other shows, there were some conflicts in my taping schedule and the only way to resolve it was to tape Supernatural when it repeats at 1am EST (which is my time zone.) So even at my speediest, I can’t ever hope to post a Supernatural write-up before 2:30 or 3am EST. That is never likely to happen as I like to sleep sometimes.
So, I could catch up on Friday and post the article sometime then, which I can do…every other Friday. The other half of the Fridays are my busiest ever days when I’m swamped all day and rarely home before 8 and exhausted when I do get home. So those weeks, I’d be lucky to get something up even by Friday night. More likely it would go up on Saturday at the earliest.

None of this would be a problem if someone else had decided to post, I’d just have hit the comments when I could and that would be that. In fact, that’s what I thought would happen, but it didn’t . I really would like a place to discuss the show with you other fans here. (There are dozens of us!) And again, other people have expressed interest in there being a Supernatural entry as well. So…as I see it there are 5 options for what can happen here. I’m posting what I feel those 5 options are and hoping you will give me some feedback on what you’d like to see happen. Mods, if there are any issues with this post, or with any of these options, please let me know so I can take them down/off the table. So, the options…

1) Someone else can volunteer here and now to take on the Supernatural hosting duties and I will bow out.

2) I can set a blank Supernatural article to post every Thursday night for you guys and join you in the comments when I can.

3) I can post a write-up for the episode whenever I’m able and post as soon as it’s ready, in a more irregular way. Sometimes Friday, sometimes Saturday.

4) I can post at a regular, but probably much later time, like Saturday evenings (or Sun or Mon or any night you want.)

5) More like 4b, I can post on Thursdays, but a week behind, and we all have to agree no spoilers for that night’s episode.

Now, I will agree to abide by whatever the greater community wants to do here, but if no one else takes over, I have to say I’d prefer option 4 myself, that way I can take my time to watch the episode, do a write-up and post it and also be there to join in on the discussion in the comments with you guys when the post goes up. Let me know in the comments what you all think. If you would like to go with option 4, tell me which day you’d like me to post (as maybe people would prefer a weekday over a weekend post or vice versa. I can do any night between Saturday and Wednesday. Also, this is my first Word Press post, so if there are any issues you notice with the layout or format or just any technical issues, please let me know. If there is anything you would like to see in future write-ups, let me know that too. I really want this to be a nice little community for those of us who recognize the power of the Supernatural! That will be it for this post and, for now, I’ll see you over in the write-up for Advanced Thanatology in a half hour or so! Don’t forget your plague masks!