Jane the Virgin: S04E02 “Chapter 66” Review

Episode grade: B

To every person, there is a duality, or at least that the premise that is established in this episode of Jane the Virgin. Sure, for most people there are probably more than that: a work persona, the familial persona, the friendly persona, etc., but for the sake of simplicity, I’m glad the show just went with 2. The focal point of the episode is on the 2 sides of Jane, Mom Jane and Fun Jane, and I’ll say it right now, I was not a fan of either. And for all of our sakes, by the end of the hour, Jane realized that she couldn’t compartmentalize to be just one thing or the other. Life doesn’t work like that and you’ll only end up hurting for it. At least this episode utilized this premise to great amusement with the 2 sides of Alba. Here’s a chart of the 7 differences between Serious Alba and Fun Alba.

Jane’s story this week vacillates between her relationship with Adam and that of her parenting relationship with Raf. Just as Jane shops up on Adam’s doorstep ready to do the dead (and dressed muy caliente for the occasion), Adam drops a bombshell on her that he has a job offer in California and he needs Jane to help him decide if he should stay in Miami for her. She tries to play it casual and let Fun Jane take over, but this results in her both breaking her leg and missing an appointment to get Mateo into Catholic school. In the end, Jane tells Adam he’ll have to make that decision on his own and he doesn’t hesitate to say he’s sticking around.

With Rafael, things are not any easier. The two are at odds not just over the financial stuff, now they are both roommates. As if that wasn’t annoying her enough, Alba is ride or die for Raf ever since they became workout buddies. Raf is pretty insistent that Mateo should not be going to a Catholic school and rather than confronting his financial issue, is just convinced he’s eventually going to get all his money back. In the meantime, he wants to use Xo and Ro’s address to get Mateo into a better public school. Jane, I’d say rightly so, tells him off for trying to game a system, which lets face it, Raf is no stranger for skirting outside the lines of what’s ethical to get what he wants (I’ll get to more on that in a few). Turns out though, that the idea to bend the rules on this one are actually her abuela’s idea and the Jane herself benefited from a similar situation in her childhood. Looks like Mateo is public school bound afterall.

But not all of Raf’s problems are as simple to fix as borrowing a relative’s address. Zen Raf seems to be drifting over more and more to Douche Raf as he tries to regain the Marbella from Luisa. He tries to use his suave charm to convince the daughter of a prominent hotelier to back him on a scheme that he assures her is “a one in a lifetime opportunity” but it’s clear her interest in him has nothing to do with holding property. She wants to ask Chuck (the ex with a sleezy hotel next door) to embark on this scheme. The whole episode Raf and Petra have been working on communicating better with one another, but in hashing out their feelings about using their grown up calm voices, but this doesn’t prevent things from getting ugly. While arguing their case over which investor to go with, Mature Raf *rolls eyes* tells Petra she has a past of using her sexuality to advance her interests. I’m really not getting his point here. I guess it’s his turn now? Who knows, but regardless, the end was the same and something I predicted in the premiere. This relationship is not going to last and they didn’t even let them have a whole episode of blissful coupledom. Just like that, they are back to being co-parents and only co-parents. Oh, and Petra’s mom is back but I don’t even know how to process that twist.

The highlight of Chapter 66 is the same as 65, the storyline surrounding Ro, Xo, and Darci. It turns out Darci went into false labor at the end of the last episode, something her doctor blamed on stress and ordered her to have bedrest. Rogelio is too busy trying to save his career to help. The producers of Los Viajes de Guillermo have decided that since Fabian and Rogelio refuse to share a screen on of them is about to go. After finding out Fabian planted his abuela into the focus group helping them decide who will stay, Ro one-ups him and dresses as “Judy” and sings his own praises. Normally, I’d probably be annoyed that a show went to cross-dressing in hopes to get a laugh, but Jaime Cavil is just too damn charming and I can’t really be mad at anything they have him doing. On the much more serious side of things, Xo is stuck with Darci undermining and not appreciating any of her efforts to tend to her husband’s very pregnant and very hostile ex. Xo finally points out that even if they are only helping her out because of the baby, that just means that she is part of the family and part of their lives. The two go off to visit the nursery Rogelio had the studio put up which made for a short but sweet bonding scene. But since this is a telenovela, and drama lurks around every resolution, the show ends on the reveal that Rogelio’s work problems have gone from bad to worse with the casting of his nemesis: Esteban. And oh no! It looks like sparks are flying between Esteban and Darci!

As if all this weren’t dramatic enough, the show has one more surprise in store. One of these characters will not make it out of this season alive: Magda, Alba, Petra, Anezka, Rafael, or Luisa. I swear if it’s Alba, I. WILL. RIOT. And by riot I mean problem chuck my remote in the vicinity of the television, not causing any harm to the tv, but making me get off my ass to go find out where I threw the remote.