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25 Songs by Letter: “B” edition

This post was put up by a banned user.  The Avocado does not condone their actions and preserves their threads for the sake of the conversations in the comments.

List your 25 songs by the letter. Feel free to make fun of my tastes (beware, I’m putting a 3 Doors Down song in this edition as well as Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande) or specifically explain how your songs might be superior or great.

So here we go. In this instance, I  don’t necessarily go out of my way to seek out music from before 1998  and if I do it’s not particularly easy to say know of some artist I’m familiar with’s best songs like Journey beyond Don’t Stop Believing or Highway Run without just playing like 20 songs and trying each one on for size or just buying an album (sometimes I do this). I often discover past songs through TV commercials and movie soundtrack. Also some brief flirtations with watching American Idol and I also listen to quite a bit of college a capella and have followed both the a capella reality series on the air, so that helps.

In this case, I will discuss how I came into contact with the song or my experiences learning the sheet music on the piano :

  1. Be Like That, Three Doors Down-I got attached to this song before 3 Doors Down got a reputation as a watered-down nickelback.
  2. Blue, Zucchero feat. Sheryl Crowe-I was working at a movie theater where they played songs interspersed
  3. Building a Mystery-Sarah McLaughllin
  4. Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show, Neil Diamond-This was a memorable number ina  pretty forgettable David Spade movie (Lost and Found)
  5. Better in Time, Leona Lewis-Though her 2008 single “Bleeding Love” made a bigger splash, it’s actually a song that I learned on piano in about 3 minutes and I’m not that amazing of a piano player. You just alternate between D and F in the right hand on the verse and go C-G-F, C-C-G-F, G on the chorus and that’s 90% of the whole melody and it’s just four chords over and over again on the chorus.
  6. Bigger than my Body, John Mayer-John Mayer came to my college a few months before he got famous and everyone was passing around John Mayer CDs and burning them and everything.
  7. Ballad of Billy the Kidd, Billy Joel-Pretty much the only reason I was remotely excited when I passed by Wheeling, VA when I was travelling to Indianapolis
  8. Broadway is Dark Tonight, Goo Goo Dolls
  9. Black Balloon, Goo Goo Dolls-I play this one on the piano. It’s so much fun: there’s a definite musical pattern that’s more than just block chords or arpegios that follows the synthesizer, and the opening on the right hand goes D-DG-BC-G,
  10. Blank Space, Taylor Swift
  11. Brother John, Blues Traveller
  12. Break Free, Arianna Grande
  13. Blackbird, The Beatles-Honestly, it was Glee
  14. Beauty and the Mess, Nickel Creek-I love bluegrass stuff and this band used to play around my area all the time and whenever they did the tickets always sold out
  15. But Not for Me, George Gerswhin
  16. Beyond the Sea, Bobby Darin-My grandparents anniversary.
  17. Burn Ellie Goulding-This one is way harder to play on the piano than it looks because it has a wierd rythym across measures and you go up a step on your right hand before switching chords if you’re playing exactly according to the sheet music, so it’s like A chord (A-C#-E) and then a single F# in the right hand before going to G-B-D, which is the opposite direciton the left hand goes, so it took a long time to get my brain programmed to do that
  18. Best of What’s Around, DMB-I live in Virginia where DMB is revered. In college you either knew someone who had met Dave Matthews or you met Dave Matthews yourself.
  19. Bless the Broken Road, Rascall Flats-It was on one of those best of the year Grammy nominees CDs I bought. Piano-wise, this song doesn’t have a good ending or a bridge. You’ve basically done all you can with it by the time you get to the end of the first chorus.
  20. Beautiful Stranger, Madonna-The soundtrack to an Austin Powers theme and one of my first MTV obsessions
  21. Better Man, Peal Jam-Someone gave me a ride and was listening to this in the radio, I think it’s the only pearl jam song I know
  22. Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen
  23. Bottle it Up, Sara Bairelles

24. Best I Ever Had, Vertical Horizon/Gary Allain
25. Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell, TI-It was pretty ubiquitious and when it ran