Werewolves 45: Make Werewolves Great Again Signups

Werewolves 45: Make Werewolves Great Again involves twenty-two political figures hunting for the five Russian moles in the White House. Apparently, trusting the Russian government with nuclear codes was a bad idea after all, and they are planning to blow up the country in five hours if Our Fearless Leader Donald J. Trump does not meet their demands. The Democrats and Republicans, evenly balanced, hold meetings to determine which member of the opposite party to kill, but the Russians, hiding in plain sight, have their own agenda. Thankfully, an FBI Agent and a Justice (cop and doctor) are working to protect the Americans from their villainous comrades.

Please sign up in the comments below as well as state whether you would like to play as a Democrat or Republican. You have no roleplay restrictions besides adhering to your party.

As of now, there is 1 slot open.


1) Smapti Jones

2) A Winged Potato

3) spookyfriend

4) LindsayFünke


6) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts

7) HolsGG

8) Grumproro

9) El Marinero

10) Platypus Basileus

11) Zecko


1) BannerThief

2) MacCrocodile

3) Lockeout

4) Forget_it_Jake

5) Doctor Nick

6) Subsaharan

7) Annanomally

8) Colonel Mustard

9) Demyx

10) the good king snugglewumps




1) Flaxula 2000

2) Mello Yello Enthusiast