The Weekly Shuffle Thread is HERE

Been listening to music on shuffle play? Want an opportunity to show off your impeccable taste in music? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Even if you haven’t been shuffling today but listened to an amazing random mix of songs at some point earlier in the week or in your life, please feel free to share it right here.

The Shuffle Thread started over at the old A.V. Club in the comment section of a weekly article called the Tolerability Index. Pre-“Great Job, Internet” and way before Kinja, this was seen as the least worthwhile article on the site (oh, if only we’d known what was to come) and as such, it became a running joke to comment on anything and everything except for the article itself, with the number of comments each week routinely exceeding 1,000. Once this became a weekly ritual, sub threads devoted to specific topics started regularly appearing in the comment section…including a Shuffle Thread.

(When the Tolerability Index was eventually discontinued, it was replaced by Reasonable Discussions – which was created exclusively to accommodate what at the time was a thriving community…sniff…)

If I’m not mistaken, the Shuffle Thread was originally posted each week in the Tolerability Index comment section by a commenter named Heisenberg. At some point after the formation of the A.V. Club After Dark, Heisenberg posted a Shuffle Thread there after missing the Tolerability Index one week, though he made it clear that he would not be doing it regularly and implied that he would be fine with someone else posting a Weekly Shuffle Thread. Then one night in early 2016 on a drunken whim, I posted a standalone Shuffle Thread. Pucky suggested that I start doing it on a weekly basis, and the Weekly Shuffle Thread was born! I continued posting weekly (with the exception of one time where Dr. Flim Flam volunteered to post in my place when I was unable to do so) until November 2016, when The Thin White Duke took over for me.

For the past year over at the old site, The Thin White Duke has been bringing us the Weekly Shuffle Thread. Duke has been doing a fantastic job, coming up with a seemingly endless supply of ideas for themed shuffle sub threads. Today I am pleased to be filling in for the Duke once again, and will be happy be relinquish control of the Weekly Shuffle Thread when the Duke is ready.

So, without further ado: It’s the Weekly Shuffle Thread!!!!!!

What have you been listening to?