Marvel’s Inhumans, Episode 8 Season Finale LIVE CHAT

With a heavy sigh, we finally bid adieu to Marvel’s superpowered royal family that isn’t a collection of Norse gods.  It’s been a strange journey befitting of the Inhumans themselves — oddballs who do not quite fit into polite society but in their own corner have constructed a playground, that, by all accounts was hidden from human eyes.  (How many people tuned into the last episode?  Oh… less than 2 million viewers.). No one’s made any announcement either way.  Should we be excited for a possible second season that introduces a young girl with stretchy powers?  Or should we get those #SaveInhumans hashtags ready just in case?

The previews for this episode seemed to promise us some pretty seismic changes to the Inhuman status quo.  Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that as long as the foundations are strong, they can rebuild the place.

So have at it, Inhumanheads!  (I can’t join y’all sadly, as I’m on the West Coast and won’t see it for three hours yet.)