The “Best By” Thread

This is a repost of the most popular thread I ever created back on the ol’ stompin’ channel. Thought I’d give it another go-around in the new digs!


Not quite.


This is the “best by” thread – where members of the Avocado put forward a creator of some kind (be it a band/musician, author, director, artist, what have you) and other members nominate what they believe to be the best work by said creator (i.e. album, book, movie, piece, etc.). Still others upvote these nominees to voice agreement.

Notice I said “best” and not “favorite” – while they may be one and the same for you, “best” implies a modicum of objectivity, and thus likely has some supporting arguments subject to debate (which is way more fun).

So it’ll go something like this:

Jaye Tyler:
OK Computer, of course!
^ 5
Uncanny Valet:
No way, The Bends, wannafightaboutit?
^ 2

et cetera ad nauseum.

I’ll probably post a list of the ones with the most upvotes later. Have at it!