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Pod People 11.6.17

Welcome to Podmass for the week of 11.6.17! Let us all know what podcasts you listened to in the past week, or what podcasts you yourself made!


Adam Ruins Everything: Reproducibility Crisis and Opportunity I’m biased as I majored in the “soft” sciences, but I find it fascinating to hear discussion of issues with reproducing findings of studies and how they are impacting science today.


Reply All #109: Is Facebook Spying On You? Ever wondered how the hell your phone seems to know what you’re talking about so it can target search results and ads to you? Well this doesn’t quite answer that, but it delves into just how creepy Facebook really is, and why I’m glad I deleted the damn thing.


More Perfect: Citizens United Fuck Citizens United. This is supposed to give us some more understanding of the logic behind this decision, and I suppose it did, but it didn’t give me any empathy for anyone involved in it. Again: fuck Citizens United.


Judge John Hodgman: Jesse Thorn Interviews John Hodgman I’m usually with a lot of people who feel that Jesse Thorn is only fun when he’s interviewing or acting as bailiff on Judge John Hodgman, and can be really grating in other settings. However, here he’s at his interviewing best talking with his good friend, John Hogdman, and the end result is a really insightful discussion about creativity, the importance of therapy, New England (of course), and other topics.