The Avocado

Long Live the New Flesh! Sunday Food Thread. 11/5/2017

I’m thinking back over all the food threads I’ve started in the AV Club After Dark and realized I’ve not yet devoted a thread to our mascot. The new site must be just the occasion I was waiting for. I could spend some time doing research about its history and cultivation, or I could just give you this Wikipedia link which is pretty informative and thorough –

What I want to know is what is your preferred method of avocado delivery? Guacamolé is pretty ubiquitous, do you have preferred recipes or do you go with what’s on hand (within reason) like I do so no two guacs are ever quite the same? Or are you of the Jack White camp  and will accept no substitutions? When I get really good ripe avocados I enjoy them simply sliced with a little salt and lime and the only time I’ve had what one might call avocado toast is when I’ve put slices between two pieces of bread with some other garnishes, maybe even a little cheese, and grilled it up nicely in a saute pan.

If avocados aren’t your thing that’s okay, you’re still very welcome to discuss all other things food here!