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The Adkins Diet Ep. 6 – Savage Dog

The Adkins Diet is a podcast devoted to watching and discussing every movie featuring prolific actor/martial artist Scott Adkins. This month is New-vember, where we are watching the newest releases featuring Scott Adkins.



Savage Dog comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on November 21, we rented it through Amazon Video. Written and directed by Jesse V. Johnson, it is a violent revenge movie set in 1950s Indochina. Adkins plays Martin Tillman, an Irish prisoner forced into pit fights by his captors. Eventually he gets a chance at freedom and love, until things take a dark turn. The supporting cast includes fellow martial artists Marko Zaror and Cung Le, along with the inimitable Keith David.

This movie left us with more questions than David S. Pumpkins. Listen as we talk about grief beards, the awesomeness of Keith David, and debate acceptable motives for a violent revenge rampage. Jango, Machete Squad! (also available on iTunes)

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