Musicals Thread (Halloween 2017)

Hello! If you’re reading this you’ve decided that you love musicals so much that you want to go back and read the old Musicals Threads. That’s great! Feel free to comment and join us each Tuesday to discuss all things musical!

Welcome! The purpose of this thread is to talk about all things related to the wonderful world of musical theatre. Each week I will post a thread with a topic/question for everyone to respond to. This is also a great place to mention any new musicals you’ve discovered and/or general recommendations for other musical fans. Heard/seen any good shows lately? Tell us about it! Want to discuss the latest theatre-related news? Well, you’re in the right place!

Happy Halloween everyone! I LOVE Halloween, so this week I’d like to talk about spooky musicals and/or any musical-themed costumes you’ve worn. Do you have a favorite spooky musical? Have you ever dressed up as a character from a musical? I once dressed up as Dr. Jekyll at school because my students were reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde so I couldn’t help myself, but it wasn’t a very elaborate costume. I actually have big dreams of one day creating a very elaborate Jekyll/Hyde costume, but that hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about J&H again, I promise. I did originally plan on highlighting it this week, but once I thought of the idea of a defending musicals topic I had to feature it then. So, because I already rambled on about my favorite spooky musical, instead I’ll take this moment to highlight one of the more popular and mainstream Halloween musicals that I love: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a musical? Is it all of those things? Whatever it is, I watch it every year on Halloween, and I listen to the soundtrack throughout the month of October. The stop motion, the xylophone music, and the somber story all come together to make a perfect Halloween movie. Over the past few years I’ve heard some rumors about the possibility of a stage production, but I think it might lose some of its charm without the stop motion. That being said, there is a pretty good fan video that shows what it might look like if they ever decide to take that leap:

So I guess I’ll leave you with an additional question this week: Do you think The Nightmare Before Christmas would work as a live musical?