AVoCADo GamesCast Episodes #1-#27

Here’s a handy repository of all the episodes of the AVoCADo GamesCast we did while the site was still just a Disqus channel. Episodes from #28 onward have their own pages on this site.

# Name Cast Topics Disqus Page Linkdump Download
1 Two and a Half Men Merve, BannerThief, The Kappa E3 2016, sound effects Here Here Here
2 Liar Liar Merve, Lopsidedown, Blue Light Special, The Kappa Crowdfunding, glitches Here Here Here
3 Nintendo Murder Resort Merve, PT, Wolfman Jew, Lord Stoneheart, The Kappa Speedruns, streaming, control schemes, the geography of games Here Here Here
4 No. Merve, PT, Armando, Snazzlenuts, The Kappa Movement mechanics, childhood gaming Here Here Here
5 Metroidsexual Merve, Wolfman Jew, Operetta, PT, The Kappa So-bad-they’re-good games, our favourite video game characters Here Here Here
6 Trivial Pursuits Merve, Otakunomike, PT, The Kappa Marketing, gaming trivia Here Here Here
7 Death and Taxes? Merve, Lord Stoneheart, PT, The Kappa DLC, spinoffs, death Here Here Here
8 The Trainwreck Merve, Otakunomike, PT Quality control, wildlife in games Here Here Here
9 Sexy Batman Merve, Lord Stoneheart, PT, The Kappa Abandoned games, hardware revisions, food in games Here Here Here
10 Halloween Spooktacular Merve, Admirax, Flaxon Jackson, Lutair, The Kappa The Nintendo Switch reveal, spooky games Here Here Here
11 A History Lesson Merve, Ben, PT, Admirax Cancelled games, the backlog Here Here Here
12 The Pokémon Extravaganza Merve, Lord Stoneheart, Operetta, Wolfman Jew Pokémon Here Here Here
13 Year in Review Merve, Science is Bad, Ben, The Kappa 2016 in review Here Here Here
14 Out with a Bang Merve, Science is Bad, PT The Nintendo Switch presentation, games we’re looking forward to Here Here Here
15 Full Disclosure Merve, The Radio Cat, Ben, The Kappa Hidden gems Here Here Here
16 You Make Mr. Pants Now! Merve, The Radio Cat, Science is Bad
PT, The Kappa
Franchise revival Here Here Here
17 The James Cameron Submersible Merve, Science is Bad, BannerThief I don’t know how to describe this episode. Here Here Here
18 Our Favourite Podcast on the Citadel Merve, The Kappa, Ben, BannerThief Mass Effect Here Here Here
19 Evil Twins Merve, Science is Bad, The Radio Cat The year so far in gaming, gaming trivia Here Here Here
20 A2, Brute? Merve, Ben, Operetta, Zach_Annon NieR:Automata Here Here Here
21 The Miltank Mating Mystery Merve, Otakunomike, Admirax, Lord Stoneheart Desert island games Here Here Here
22 Sonic Apology Tour Merve, The Radio Cat, Ben, DemiDeva, The Kappa E3 2017 preview, video game violence Here Here Here
23 Steve the Killer Goomba Merve, Science is Bad, The Kappa, Ninjaneer, Ben E3 2017 Here Here Here
24 Don’t Praise Scrappy Merve, PT, Ben Gaming trends, video game soundtracks Here Here Here
25 We Sold Out Merve, Doctuar, The Radio Cat, Science is Bad, The Kappa Summer 2017 gaming news Here Here Here
26 Space Off Merve, BannerThief, Otakunomike, Science is Bad, Ninjaneer Fixing flawed games Here Here Here
27 Kaizovania Merve, Penny B’s Hero Academia, Science is Bad, Kajigger Desu, Andy Tuttle Level design Here Here Here