The Monster Thread Of Monsters

What’s Halloween without monsters? What are scary movies without monsters? Here are five monsters I consider to be among the best in Movie and Tv history. (In no particular order)

1. You Know him you love him! Godzilla is one of the most iconic monsters of all time stomping and blasting his way into both our major metropolitan areas (especially Tokyo) and our hearts! His supporting cast is pretty cool too especially Mothra.


2. John Landis’s spectacular An American Werewolf In London has what in my opinion the best Werewolf transformation sequence ever filmed. It was so good it created a new Oscars category

3. The shark from Jaws might not be the most visually striking monster or even a monster who shows up in his own film all that often (Bruce was a notoriously finicky prop to work with.) But that didn’t the shark from scaring a whole generation of beach goers and forever planting “Get Out Of The Water!” into the American lexicon

4. The Deadites from The Evil Dead Franchise are the perfect blend of demonic possession and zombies making them the ultimate canon fodder for Ash Williams. Groovy!


5. Designed by H.R Giger the Xenomorphs from The Alien Franchise are a science fiction nightmare especially if they manage to get their eggs into you. Not even some bad films and video games can reduce the fear potential of these creatures.