Werewolves 43: Witch Trials – Day Three

Goody Whiteadder retired to her bedchambers for the evening, anxious to consult with her Scripture. She was feeling mightily poorly, having been terribly thrown by the horrifying offerings at that night’s meal. What had her slave been thinking, serving mashed turnips!? Destroying the sacred shape of a vegetable!? Why, it was the work of Lucifer himself. Clearly her slave was in league with the witches.

Her mind much troubled, Goody Whiteadder set herself upon her single-spiked chair to consult her Bible. She required her Heavenly Father’s guidance, as she could only keep one evil doer at bay each night. But which colonists were evil? Whom to pick? Her prayers were only strong enough to restrict one man or woman from their nefarious wicked deeds.

Suddenly, the door slammed open. A figure appeared in front of the goody goody Goody, with a plank of wood in hand.

“How dare you!? Entering my bedchamber? WICKED CHILD! WICKED CHILD!” screamed Goody Whiteadder. Undeterred, the mysterious figure attacked, stabbing the Goody through her eye with the wooden plank, exactly once. Twice would have been an extravagance.

BrittaBot/Lady Whiteadder has died. She was the Magistrate

Mother Snugglewumps returned to her home near the church. It’s a shame they didn’t want her help here, she thought. Their church was so drab and uninspiring, but it sounds like that’s what they were going for. Back home, there was stained glass and candles and sinewy Jesuses on crosses everywhere. Honestly, she was just grateful the colonists hadn’t burned her on sight.

Several innocents had died, and more surely would in the days to come. Mother Snugglewumps tore a piece of bread off of the increasingly stale loaf in the kitchen and poured herself a cup of wine. She had meant to share the wine she’d brought, but, well… more for her, she supposed.

She took a swig of the wine, and immediately spat it out on the floor. Thick, red blood sprayed everywhere. The nun retched until her eyes watered. Who would do such a thing to a poor woman of God? Who would do such a thing to wine?

She popped a piece of the bread into her mouth to try to clean out the taste of blood. As she bit into it, the bread turned soft and moist, but chewier than before. Realizing in a moment what had happened, she gasped, inhaling an unchewed piece of raw flesh and lodging it firmly in her wind pipe.

the good king snugglewumps/Mother Snugglewumps has died. She was a Colonist.


Starting Roles
10 Colonists (Vanilla Town) – No special powers. Town-aligned.
2 Adulterers (Lovers) – Share a private QT. Town-aligned
1 Minister (Cop) – Investigate the alignment of one player per night, results are WITCH and NOT A WITCH. Town-aligned.
1 Magistrate (Jailer) – Select a player each night to both shield from night actions and prevent from enacting their actions. Town-aligned
3 Witches (Werewolves) – Share a private chat room with the Devil. Collectively, they select a player each night to kill. Scum-aligned.
1 Devil (one-shot witch recruiter) – Same as witches above, plus a one-time recruitment. Scum-aligned.
1 Crazed Zealot (Serial Killer) – Selects one player per night to kill. Unaligned.

Rule Clarifications:
– If any number of witches is alive and free to act, they can still carry out their night kill, even if one of them is jailed. The Devil’s recruitment requires the Devil to be alive and free to act.
– The Devil and the Witches would turn up as WITCH on a cop’s investigation. All others turn up NOT A WITCH.
– A tie at the end of day results in No Lynch. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Lynch) ends the day early.
If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and I will answer publicly here.

The Players
SewerRatPumpkinPie – witch
HolsGG – colonist
Colonel Mustard
Smapti Jones
BrittaBot – magistrate
David S. PUUUUUUUUmpkins
Capt.LindsayMonsterFück – colonist
the good king pluggerwumps – colonist
Murder Fellow Embalming Fluid
Captain Video
Plague Doctor Nick – colonist