Werewolves 43: Witch Trials

Welcome to Avocado Township, of the Massachussetts Bay Colony. It is 1691, a time of innocence and purity. Or if not purity, puritanism.

The good people of Avocado Township do their best to live a good and godly life, but it isn’t always easy in a world of temptations. The devil is always after souls, and sometimes, he gets one.

This is Werewolves 43: Witch Trials.

This game has a simple set of rules, and I will give priority to newer players. If you have played more than one game here, let me know when you sign up. I still love you all, but veteran players will be placed on backup.

Roles (traditional role names in parentheses)
11 Colonists (Vanilla Town) – No special powers. Town-aligned.
1 Minister (Cop) – Investigate the alignment of one player per night, results are WITCH and NOT A WITCH. Town-aligned.
1 Magistrate (Jailer) – Select a player each night to both shield from night actions and prevent from enacting their actions. Town-aligned
3 Witches (Werewolves) – Share a private chat room with the Devil. Collectively, they select a player each night to kill. Scum-aligned.
1 Devil (one-shot witch recruiter) – Same as witches above, plus a one-time recruitment. Scum-aligned.
1 Crazed Zealot (Serial Killer) – Selects one player per night to kill. Unaligned.

The players vote to kill one player each day.
Town wins when all threats are eliminated.
Scum wins when town and the Serial Killer are eliminated, or the numbers make it inevitable.
The Serial Killer wins when they are the last player standing.

The Players

  1. spookyfriend
  2. SewerRatPumpkinPie
  3. HolsGG
  4. Admirax
  5. Colonel Mustard
  6. Smapti Jones
  7. BrittaBot
  8. David S. PUUUUUUUUmpkins
  9. Grumproro
  10. Capt.LindsayMonsterFück
  11. TheFrankensteinMcNeal
  12. Pulprobot
  13. subsaharan
  14. the good king pluggerwumps
  15. Murder Fellow Embalming Fluid
  16. Captain Video
  17. Plague Doctor Nick
  18. Zeckhost


  1. Flaxula 2000
  2. Kinjaliz156™