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2017 Survey Results

Hey everyone. Here are the results from the 2017 Survey. Can’t get as fancy with the data because they moved a lot of that to Pro. Hope you like Pie Charts! This is gonna be image heavy, just as a warning. Also, I get that this place is all about being funny and snarky but Christ… feel free to cool it with the jokes on some of these answers in the future. It made a lot of this way harder than it should have been.

The prior surveys are here:
Survey 1 –…

Survey 2 –…

And now, the results:


Most of the “Others” here are jokey.


Answers for “Other” in question 3 include: Not sure, Pan, questioning, Asexual, Sapiosexual, and Mostly straight with a buncha jokes (Might start to notice a theme here…)


It cuts off but we have 2 Idiotkings and 12 who put Other

Other answers were mostly jokes.


Other answers include: Rarely and might have a problem.


Other answers include: Cocaine, MDMA, and pipe tobacco


Other answers are all jokes.


Religions include: Lots of Catholics, Jewish, Episcopal, Unitarian, Lutheran, Mormon, Anglican, Pagan


We have Avocados from: Switzerland, Ireland, France, India, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Rwanda, Israel, Sweden, Morocco, Mexico, Japan, and Czech Republic.


Other languages include: Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Dalish, Hebrew, and Arabic


Other answers include: Lurker, Music stuff, Video Games, and Show specific


Other answers are mostly jokes with a few people noting they are mixed.


Other answers include: Comics, politics, anime, mental health, and wrestling


Other answers include: Cats, things I agree with, sympathy, pets, and anything I respond to that is well written.

Here are a couple of selections from Question 17 that I thought sorta summed a lot of answers up. Maybe you can talk in the comments about what you posted. I just can’t post all 300. (Formatting might suck, sorry):

“I feel like I’m not interested in a lot of the things that most Avocados are – I don’t play video games or read comic books or listen to really indie music. So I don’t comment on any of those things but I will comment if people are discussing a tv show that I watch or music I like. If a thread is interesting and witty I will keep reading it even if I’m not super familiar with the topic. I stay out of the politics thread, but I like the Savage Love, Mental Health, and Women’s, as well as the Day and Night threads. I would actually love to talk more about food/recipes (I know there is a Sunday Food Thread but it seems kind of quiet) and makeup/skincare stuff, as that is my jam. I also really miss the TV recaps/reviews and comment sections from the AV Club, so if we could spark more interest and more comments in those threads, I would love it.”

“Commentary that actually has something to say. Riffing sucks. If “witty cultural commentary” means snark or pro forma quotes instead of real attention to popular art, then the hell with it.”

“The reason I enjoy this community is because, not only is it one where one can discuss all the topics listed above, but in which you can do so in a friendly,intelligent environment with the expectation of a reasonable level of human discourse, a rarity on any internet discussion forum. Of course, there’s also plenty of dick-based humor and inveterate punnery if that should also float one’s boat. There’s something for everyone.”

“I started reading comments in the AV Club because there were a lot of seriously funny people there, quick with puns, other types of wordplay, and pop culture references that are up my general alley (Simpsons, MST3K, etc.). That’s still what draws me to AVCAD. I’ve also found the political community to be a good place to commiserate with like-minded people while the world turns to shit around us.”

“Anything intelligent and well-thought-out that’s relevant to my interests; around here, that usually means a good post on TV or maybe music, or perhaps even more general philosophy and storytelling discussions. I gave up on politics discussions due to the frequency with which I faced personal attacks; while it’s a favorite topic of mine, the tenor is not welcoming to anyone who criticizes Democrats from the left.”

“Short answer: a sense of community. I like hearing about commenter’s lives most. Back when I lurked, those stories were what kept me connected to the world. Now, even if I don’t have any useful advice, I can at least spare a sympathy upvote. I appreciate the discussion of tv shows and movies, it IS a pop culture forum, but I’m usually too far behind to engage with those conversations. Not that there should be fewer of those, obviously.”


The majority of the other answers are don’t change anything. Other answers include: Pictures, gifs, videos, Minions, Open Threads, Drama, the G-Rated language policy, all of the above, and me.

Question 19
Top 3 Answers:
1 – Simpsons – 52 votes

2 – The Wire – 26 votes

3 – Futurama – 14 votes

Question 20
Top 3 answers:
1 – Star Wars (I just counted any of them here) – 14 votes

2 – The Big Lebowski – 12 votes

3 – Mad Max: Fury Road and Pulp Fiction (tied) – 9 votes each

And that does it! Now to edit this post a million times!